4,000,000 Fb


Most recent films

  1. Spider-Man: No Way Home
  2. The Water Man
  3. Promising Young Woman
  4. Frozen II

Past earnings

07/Jan/2022 to 13/Jan/20221,500,000 FbUS1
07/Jan/2022 to 13/Jan/20221,500,000 FbUK1
31/Dec/2021 to 06/Jan/20221,500,000 FbUK1
31/Dec/2021 to 06/Jan/20221,500,000 FbUS1
24/Dec/2021 to 30/Dec/20211,500,000 FbUS1
24/Dec/2021 to 30/Dec/20211,500,000 FbUK1
17/Dec/2021 to 23/Dec/20211,500,000 FbUK1
17/Dec/2021 to 23/Dec/20211,500,000 FbUS1
12/Feb/2021 to 18/Feb/2021320,000 FbUS9
05/Feb/2021 to 11/Feb/2021525,000 FbUS7
29/Jan/2021 to 04/Feb/2021525,000 FbUS7
22/Jan/2021 to 28/Jan/2021525,000 FbUS7
15/Jan/2021 to 21/Jan/2021525,000 FbUS7
08/Jan/2021 to 14/Jan/2021650,000 FbUS6
01/Jan/2021 to 07/Jan/2021650,000 FbUS6
25/Dec/2020 to 31/Dec/2020790,000 FbUS5
17/Jan/2020 to 23/Jan/2020160,000 FbUS9
17/Jan/2020 to 23/Jan/2020120,000 FbUK10
10/Jan/2020 to 16/Jan/2020262,500 FbUK7
10/Jan/2020 to 16/Jan/2020207,500 FbUS8
03/Jan/2020 to 09/Jan/2020472,500 FbUS4
03/Jan/2020 to 09/Jan/2020325,000 FbUK6
27/Dec/2019 to 02/Jan/2020189,000 FbUK4
27/Dec/2019 to 02/Jan/2020223,000 FbUS3
20/Dec/2019 to 26/Dec/2019223,000 FbUS3
20/Dec/2019 to 26/Dec/2019189,000 FbUK4
13/Dec/2019 to 19/Dec/2019260,000 FbUK2
13/Dec/2019 to 19/Dec/2019260,000 FbUS2
06/Dec/2019 to 12/Dec/2019300,000 FbUS1
06/Dec/2019 to 12/Dec/2019300,000 FbUK1
29/Nov/2019 to 05/Dec/2019300,000 FbUK1
29/Nov/2019 to 05/Dec/2019300,000 FbUS1
22/Nov/2019 to 28/Nov/2019300,000 FbUS1
22/Nov/2019 to 28/Nov/2019300,000 FbUK1
18/Jan/2019 to 24/Jan/201964,000 FbUK9
11/Jan/2019 to 17/Jan/201964,000 FbUK9
04/Jan/2019 to 10/Jan/2019158,000 FbUK5
04/Jan/2019 to 10/Jan/201964,000 FbUS9
28/Dec/2018 to 03/Jan/201964,000 FbUS9
28/Dec/2018 to 03/Jan/2019189,000 FbUK4
21/Dec/2018 to 27/Dec/2018189,000 FbUK4
21/Dec/2018 to 27/Dec/201883,000 FbUS8
14/Dec/2018 to 20/Dec/2018189,000 FbUS4
14/Dec/2018 to 20/Dec/2018223,000 FbUK3
07/Dec/2018 to 13/Dec/2018300,000 FbUK1
07/Dec/2018 to 13/Dec/2018300,000 FbUS1
30/Nov/2018 to 06/Dec/2018300,000 FbUS1
30/Nov/2018 to 06/Dec/2018300,000 FbUK1
23/Nov/2018 to 29/Nov/2018300,000 FbUS1
18/Mar/2016 to 24/Mar/2016525,000 FbUS7
11/Mar/2016 to 17/Mar/2016790,000 FbUS5
04/Mar/2016 to 10/Mar/2016945,000 FbUS4
30/Jan/2015 to 05/Feb/2015320,000 FbUS9
23/Jan/2015 to 29/Jan/2015525,000 FbUS7