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Most recent films

  1. Rememory
  2. The Smurfs 2
  3. Star Trek Beyond
  4. Green Room

Past earnings

19/Aug/2016 to 25/Aug/2016320,000 FbUK9
12/Aug/2016 to 18/Aug/2016320,000 FbUK9
12/Aug/2016 to 18/Aug/2016525,000 FbUS7
05/Aug/2016 to 11/Aug/2016790,000 FbUS5
05/Aug/2016 to 11/Aug/2016790,000 FbUK5
29/Jul/2016 to 04/Aug/2016945,000 FbUK4
29/Jul/2016 to 04/Aug/20161,300,000 FbUS2
22/Jul/2016 to 28/Jul/20161,500,000 FbUS1
22/Jul/2016 to 28/Jul/20161,300,000 FbUK2
13/May/2016 to 19/May/2016240,000 FbUK10