4,000,000 Fb

Most recent films

  1. Radioactive
  2. Emma.
  3. The New Mutants
  4. Playmobil: The Movie

Past earnings

09/Aug/2019 to 15/Aug/2019105,000 FbUK7
15/Feb/2019 to 21/Feb/2019320,000 FbUK9
15/Feb/2019 to 21/Feb/2019415,000 FbUS8
08/Feb/2019 to 14/Feb/2019790,000 FbUS5
08/Feb/2019 to 14/Feb/2019790,000 FbUK5
01/Feb/2019 to 07/Feb/20191,115,000 FbUK3
01/Feb/2019 to 07/Feb/20191,500,000 FbUS1
25/Jan/2019 to 31/Jan/20191,500,000 FbUS1
25/Jan/2019 to 31/Jan/20191,500,000 FbUK1
18/Jan/2019 to 24/Jan/20191,500,000 FbUK1
18/Jan/2019 to 24/Jan/20191,500,000 FbUS1