Anya Taylor-Joy 6,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The MenuAmsterdamThe NorthmanLast Night in Soho

Past earnings

18 Nov 2022US3The Menu2,230,000 Fb
18 Nov 2022UK2The Menu2,600,000 Fb
21 Oct 2022US9Amsterdam320,000 Fb
14 Oct 2022UK8Amsterdam415,000 Fb
14 Oct 2022US5Amsterdam790,000 Fb
07 Oct 2022UK5Amsterdam790,000 Fb
07 Oct 2022US3Amsterdam1,115,000 Fb
20 May 2022US10The Northman240,000 Fb
13 May 2022US7The Northman525,000 Fb
06 May 2022US6The Northman650,000 Fb
06 May 2022UK7The Northman525,000 Fb
29 Apr 2022UK6The Northman650,000 Fb
29 Apr 2022US4The Northman945,000 Fb
22 Apr 2022US4The Northman945,000 Fb
22 Apr 2022UK6The Northman650,000 Fb
15 Apr 2022UK4The Northman945,000 Fb
12 Nov 2021UK10Last Night in Soho480,000 Fb
05 Nov 2021US10Last Night in Soho480,000 Fb
29 Oct 2021US6Last Night in Soho1,300,000 Fb
29 Oct 2021UK8Last Night in Soho830,000 Fb
06 Nov 2020US10The New Mutants240,000 Fb
16 Oct 2020US7The New Mutants525,000 Fb
09 Oct 2020US4The New Mutants945,000 Fb
09 Oct 2020UK7Radioactive525,000 Fb
02 Oct 2020US3The New Mutants1,115,000 Fb
02 Oct 2020UK10The New Mutants240,000 Fb
25 Sep 2020US2The New Mutants1,300,000 Fb
25 Sep 2020UK5The New Mutants790,000 Fb
18 Sep 2020US2The New Mutants1,300,000 Fb
18 Sep 2020UK5The New Mutants790,000 Fb
11 Sep 2020US2The New Mutants1,300,000 Fb
11 Sep 2020UK4The New Mutants945,000 Fb
04 Sep 2020US2The New Mutants1,300,000 Fb
04 Sep 2020UK2The New Mutants1,300,000 Fb
28 Aug 2020US1The New Mutants1,500,000 Fb
28 Aug 2020UK2The New Mutants1,300,000 Fb
24 Jul 2020UK10Emma.480,000 Fb
13 Mar 2020US9Emma.640,000 Fb
06 Mar 2020US6Emma.1,300,000 Fb
06 Mar 2020UK9Emma.640,000 Fb
28 Feb 2020UK6Emma.1,300,000 Fb
21 Feb 2020UK6Emma.1,300,000 Fb
14 Feb 2020UK6Emma.1,300,000 Fb
09 Aug 2019UK7Playmobil: The Movie105,000 Fb
15 Feb 2019US8Glass415,000 Fb
15 Feb 2019UK9Glass320,000 Fb
08 Feb 2019UK5Glass790,000 Fb
08 Feb 2019US5Glass790,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019US1Glass1,500,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019UK3Glass1,115,000 Fb
25 Jan 2019US1Glass1,500,000 Fb
25 Jan 2019UK1Glass1,500,000 Fb
18 Jan 2019US1Glass1,500,000 Fb
18 Jan 2019UK1Glass1,500,000 Fb