Bruce Greenwood 5,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The Fabulous FourDoctor SleepThe PostMark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House

Past earnings

15 Nov 2019US7Doctor Sleep525,000 Fb
08 Nov 2019US2Doctor Sleep1,300,000 Fb
08 Nov 2019UK8Doctor Sleep415,000 Fb
01 Nov 2019UK4Doctor Sleep945,000 Fb
16 Feb 2018US10The Post240,000 Fb
09 Feb 2018US8The Post415,000 Fb
09 Feb 2018UK10The Post240,000 Fb
02 Feb 2018US5The Post790,000 Fb
02 Feb 2018UK7The Post525,000 Fb
26 Jan 2018US5The Post790,000 Fb
26 Jan 2018UK6The Post650,000 Fb
19 Jan 2018US4The Post945,000 Fb
19 Jan 2018UK3The Post1,115,000 Fb
12 Jan 2018US2The Post1,300,000 Fb
06 Oct 2017UK3Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House1,115,000 Fb
03 Feb 2017UK9Gold320,000 Fb
27 Jan 2017US10Gold240,000 Fb
13 Jun 2014UK9Devil's Knot320,000 Fb
21 Feb 2014US9Endless Love160,000 Fb
14 Feb 2014US5Endless Love395,000 Fb
14 Feb 2014UK8Endless Love207,500 Fb