Bruce Willis 9,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Die HardDetective Knight: IndependenceCorrective MeasuresVendetta

Past earnings

06 Dec 2019UK6Motherless Brooklyn650,000 Fb
01 Nov 2019US9Motherless Brooklyn320,000 Fb
15 Feb 2019US8Glass830,000 Fb
15 Feb 2019UK9Glass640,000 Fb
08 Feb 2019US5Glass1,580,000 Fb
08 Feb 2019UK5Glass1,580,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019US1Glass3,000,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019UK3Glass2,230,000 Fb
25 Jan 2019US1Glass3,000,000 Fb
25 Jan 2019UK1Glass3,000,000 Fb
18 Jan 2019US1Glass3,000,000 Fb
18 Jan 2019UK1Glass3,000,000 Fb
16 Mar 2018US10Death Wish480,000 Fb
09 Mar 2018US7Death Wish1,050,000 Fb
02 Mar 2018US3Death Wish2,230,000 Fb
29 Aug 2014UK4Sin City: A Dame to Kill For945,000 Fb
22 Aug 2014US8Sin City: A Dame to Kill For415,000 Fb