Craig Robinson 5,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Mona Lisa and the Blood MoonThe Bad GuysThe Ark and the AardvarkDolittle

Past earnings

24 Jun 2022US8The Bad Guys207,500 Fb
17 Jun 2022UK8The Bad Guys207,500 Fb
17 Jun 2022US6The Bad Guys325,000 Fb
10 Jun 2022US4The Bad Guys472,500 Fb
10 Jun 2022UK6The Bad Guys325,000 Fb
03 Jun 2022UK5The Bad Guys395,000 Fb
03 Jun 2022US5The Bad Guys395,000 Fb
27 May 2022US5The Bad Guys395,000 Fb
27 May 2022UK7The Bad Guys262,500 Fb
20 May 2022UK6The Bad Guys325,000 Fb
20 May 2022US3The Bad Guys557,500 Fb
13 May 2022US2The Bad Guys650,000 Fb
13 May 2022UK7The Bad Guys262,500 Fb
06 May 2022UK6The Bad Guys325,000 Fb
06 May 2022US2The Bad Guys650,000 Fb
29 Apr 2022US1The Bad Guys750,000 Fb
29 Apr 2022UK5The Bad Guys395,000 Fb
22 Apr 2022UK5The Bad Guys395,000 Fb
22 Apr 2022US1The Bad Guys750,000 Fb
15 Apr 2022UK6The Bad Guys325,000 Fb
08 Apr 2022UK3The Bad Guys557,500 Fb
01 Apr 2022UK3The Bad Guys557,500 Fb
24 Jul 2020UK4Dolittle472,500 Fb
06 Mar 2020UK8Dolittle207,500 Fb
28 Feb 2020UK5Dolittle395,000 Fb
21 Feb 2020UK2Dolittle650,000 Fb
14 Feb 2020US9Dolittle160,000 Fb
14 Feb 2020UK3Dolittle557,500 Fb
07 Feb 2020US4Dolittle472,500 Fb
07 Feb 2020UK1Dolittle750,000 Fb
31 Jan 2020US3Dolittle557,500 Fb
31 Jan 2020UK2Dolittle650,000 Fb
24 Jan 2020US3Dolittle557,500 Fb
17 Jan 2020US2Dolittle650,000 Fb