Finn Wolfhard 5,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The Legend of OchiGhostbusters: AfterlifeHow It EndsThe Turning

Past earnings

28 Jan 2022US8Ghostbusters: Afterlife415,000 Fb
07 Jan 2022UK10Ghostbusters: Afterlife240,000 Fb
07 Jan 2022US8Ghostbusters: Afterlife415,000 Fb
31 Dec 2021US8Ghostbusters: Afterlife415,000 Fb
31 Dec 2021UK8Ghostbusters: Afterlife415,000 Fb
17 Dec 2021UK6Ghostbusters: Afterlife650,000 Fb
17 Dec 2021US6Ghostbusters: Afterlife650,000 Fb
10 Dec 2021US3Ghostbusters: Afterlife1,115,000 Fb
10 Dec 2021UK5Ghostbusters: Afterlife790,000 Fb
03 Dec 2021UK3Ghostbusters: Afterlife1,115,000 Fb
03 Dec 2021US2Ghostbusters: Afterlife1,300,000 Fb
26 Nov 2021US2Ghostbusters: Afterlife1,300,000 Fb
26 Nov 2021UK2Ghostbusters: Afterlife1,300,000 Fb
19 Nov 2021UK1Ghostbusters: Afterlife1,500,000 Fb
19 Nov 2021US1Ghostbusters: Afterlife1,500,000 Fb
31 Jan 2020US9The Turning640,000 Fb
24 Jan 2020US6The Turning1,300,000 Fb
29 Nov 2019UK10The Addams Family48,000 Fb
22 Nov 2019UK9The Addams Family64,000 Fb
15 Nov 2019UK5The Addams Family158,000 Fb
08 Nov 2019US10The Addams Family48,000 Fb
08 Nov 2019UK4The Addams Family189,000 Fb
01 Nov 2019US5The Addams Family158,000 Fb
01 Nov 2019UK2The Addams Family260,000 Fb
25 Oct 2019US3The Addams Family223,000 Fb
25 Oct 2019UK4The Addams Family189,000 Fb
18 Oct 2019US4The Addams Family189,000 Fb
11 Oct 2019US2The Addams Family260,000 Fb
27 Sep 2019UK9The Goldfinch320,000 Fb
13 Sep 2019US8The Goldfinch415,000 Fb