George Miller 7,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Three Thousand Years of LongingMad Max: Fury Road

Past earnings

02 Sep 2022UK10Three Thousand Years of Longing480,000 Fb
26 Aug 2022US7Three Thousand Years of Longing1,050,000 Fb
26 Jun 2015US9Mad Max: Fury Road640,000 Fb
19 Jun 2015UK10Mad Max: Fury Road480,000 Fb
19 Jun 2015US8Mad Max: Fury Road830,000 Fb
12 Jun 2015US7Mad Max: Fury Road1,050,000 Fb
12 Jun 2015UK6Mad Max: Fury Road1,300,000 Fb
05 Jun 2015UK4Mad Max: Fury Road1,890,000 Fb
05 Jun 2015US5Mad Max: Fury Road1,580,000 Fb
29 May 2015US4Mad Max: Fury Road1,890,000 Fb
29 May 2015UK3Mad Max: Fury Road2,230,000 Fb
22 May 2015UK2Mad Max: Fury Road2,600,000 Fb
22 May 2015US3Mad Max: Fury Road2,230,000 Fb
15 May 2015US2Mad Max: Fury Road2,600,000 Fb
15 May 2015UK2Mad Max: Fury Road2,600,000 Fb