6,000,000 Fb

Most recent films

  1. Holmes and Watson
  2. Tomorrowland

Past earnings

04/Jan/2019 to 10/Jan/2019240,000 FbUS10
04/Jan/2019 to 10/Jan/2019320,000 FbUK9
28/Dec/2018 to 03/Jan/2019525,000 FbUS7
28/Dec/2018 to 03/Jan/2019650,000 FbUK6
19/Jun/2015 to 25/Jun/2015240,000 FbUS10
12/Jun/2015 to 18/Jun/2015320,000 FbUS9
12/Jun/2015 to 18/Jun/2015240,000 FbUK10
05/Jun/2015 to 11/Jun/2015525,000 FbUS7
05/Jun/2015 to 11/Jun/2015525,000 FbUK7
29/May/2015 to 04/Jun/20151,115,000 FbUS3
29/May/2015 to 04/Jun/2015945,000 FbUK4
22/May/2015 to 28/May/20151,500,000 FbUS1
22/May/2015 to 28/May/20151,115,000 FbUK3