4,000,000 Fb

Most recent films

  1. The Lion King
  2. The Lion King (1994)
  3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Past earnings

04/Oct/2019 to 10/Oct/2019130,000 FbUK6
27/Sep/2019 to 03/Oct/2019105,000 FbUK7
27/Sep/2019 to 03/Oct/201964,000 FbUS9
20/Sep/2019 to 26/Sep/2019130,000 FbUK6
20/Sep/2019 to 26/Sep/2019130,000 FbUS6
13/Sep/2019 to 19/Sep/2019158,000 FbUK5
13/Sep/2019 to 19/Sep/2019158,000 FbUS5
06/Sep/2019 to 12/Sep/2019189,000 FbUS4
06/Sep/2019 to 12/Sep/2019189,000 FbUK4
30/Aug/2019 to 05/Sep/2019260,000 FbUK2
30/Aug/2019 to 05/Sep/2019223,000 FbUS3
23/Aug/2019 to 29/Aug/2019223,000 FbUK3
23/Aug/2019 to 29/Aug/2019158,000 FbUS5
16/Aug/2019 to 22/Aug/2019260,000 FbUK2
16/Aug/2019 to 22/Aug/2019223,000 FbUS3
09/Aug/2019 to 15/Aug/2019300,000 FbUK1
09/Aug/2019 to 15/Aug/2019223,000 FbUS3
02/Aug/2019 to 08/Aug/2019260,000 FbUS2
02/Aug/2019 to 08/Aug/2019260,000 FbUK2
26/Jul/2019 to 01/Aug/2019300,000 FbUK1
26/Jul/2019 to 01/Aug/2019300,000 FbUS1
19/Jul/2019 to 25/Jul/2019300,000 FbUK1
19/Jul/2019 to 25/Jul/2019300,000 FbUS1
27/Jan/2017 to 02/Feb/201764,000 FbUK9
27/Jan/2017 to 02/Feb/201783,000 FbUS8
20/Jan/2017 to 26/Jan/2017158,000 FbUK5
20/Jan/2017 to 26/Jan/2017130,000 FbUS6
13/Jan/2017 to 19/Jan/2017260,000 FbUK2
13/Jan/2017 to 19/Jan/2017158,000 FbUS5
06/Jan/2017 to 12/Jan/2017260,000 FbUK2
06/Jan/2017 to 12/Jan/2017260,000 FbUS2
30/Dec/2016 to 05/Jan/2017300,000 FbUK1
30/Dec/2016 to 05/Jan/2017300,000 FbUS1
23/Dec/2016 to 29/Dec/2016300,000 FbUK1
23/Dec/2016 to 29/Dec/2016300,000 FbUS1
16/Dec/2016 to 22/Dec/2016300,000 FbUS1
16/Dec/2016 to 22/Dec/2016300,000 FbUK1