13,000,000 Fb

Most recent films

  1. Morbius
  2. House of Gucci
  3. The Little Things

Past earnings

26/Nov/2021 to 02/Dec/20211,115,000 FbUS3
26/Nov/2021 to 02/Dec/20211,500,000 FbUK1
19/Nov/2021 to 25/Nov/2021790,000 FbUS5
19/Mar/2021 to 25/Mar/2021640,000 FbUS9
12/Mar/2021 to 18/Mar/2021640,000 FbUS9
05/Mar/2021 to 11/Mar/20211,300,000 FbUS6
26/Feb/2021 to 04/Mar/20212,230,000 FbUS3
19/Feb/2021 to 25/Feb/20212,600,000 FbUS2
12/Feb/2021 to 18/Feb/20212,230,000 FbUS3
05/Feb/2021 to 11/Feb/20213,000,000 FbUS1
29/Jan/2021 to 04/Feb/20213,000,000 FbUS1