Jeremy Davies 4,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Going All The Way - The Director's EditDark HarvestThe Black Phone

Past earnings

05 Aug 2022US10The Black Phone240,000 Fb
29 Jul 2022US8The Black Phone415,000 Fb
22 Jul 2022US8The Black Phone415,000 Fb
22 Jul 2022UK10The Black Phone240,000 Fb
15 Jul 2022UK8The Black Phone415,000 Fb
15 Jul 2022US7The Black Phone525,000 Fb
08 Jul 2022US6The Black Phone650,000 Fb
08 Jul 2022UK7The Black Phone525,000 Fb
01 Jul 2022UK6The Black Phone650,000 Fb
01 Jul 2022US5The Black Phone790,000 Fb
24 Jun 2022US4The Black Phone945,000 Fb
24 Jun 2022UK5The Black Phone790,000 Fb