John Goodman 5,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Captive StateAtomic BlondeValerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsOnce Upon a Time in Venice

Past earnings

15 Mar 2019US7Captive State1,050,000 Fb
18 Aug 2017UK8Atomic Blonde415,000 Fb
11 Aug 2017UK8Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets415,000 Fb
11 Aug 2017US10Atomic Blonde240,000 Fb
11 Aug 2017UK3Atomic Blonde1,115,000 Fb
04 Aug 2017US7Atomic Blonde525,000 Fb
04 Aug 2017UK3Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets1,115,000 Fb
28 Jul 2017US4Atomic Blonde945,000 Fb
28 Jul 2017US8Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets415,000 Fb
21 Jul 2017US5Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets790,000 Fb
14 Jul 2017US9Transformers: The Last Knight320,000 Fb
14 Jul 2017UK7Transformers: The Last Knight525,000 Fb
07 Jul 2017US5Transformers: The Last Knight790,000 Fb
07 Jul 2017UK4Transformers: The Last Knight945,000 Fb
30 Jun 2017UK3Transformers: The Last Knight1,115,000 Fb
30 Jun 2017US3Transformers: The Last Knight1,115,000 Fb
23 Jun 2017US1Transformers: The Last Knight1,500,000 Fb
23 Jun 2017UK1Transformers: The Last Knight1,500,000 Fb
14 Apr 2017US10Kong: Skull Island240,000 Fb
07 Apr 2017UK9Kong: Skull Island320,000 Fb
07 Apr 2017US7Kong: Skull Island525,000 Fb
31 Mar 2017UK6Kong: Skull Island650,000 Fb
31 Mar 2017US5Kong: Skull Island790,000 Fb
24 Mar 2017UK4Kong: Skull Island945,000 Fb
24 Mar 2017US3Kong: Skull Island1,115,000 Fb
17 Mar 2017UK2Kong: Skull Island1,300,000 Fb
17 Mar 2017US2Kong: Skull Island1,300,000 Fb
10 Mar 2017UK1Kong: Skull Island1,500,000 Fb
10 Mar 2017US1Kong: Skull Island1,500,000 Fb
24 Feb 2017UK7Patriots Day525,000 Fb
20 Jan 2017US8Patriots Day415,000 Fb
13 Jan 2017US10Patriots Day240,000 Fb
13 Jan 2017US6Patriots Day650,000 Fb
06 May 2016US9Ratchet & Clank320,000 Fb
29 Apr 2016US7Ratchet & Clank525,000 Fb
08 Apr 2016UK810 Cloverfield Lane415,000 Fb
08 Apr 2016US910 Cloverfield Lane320,000 Fb
01 Apr 2016UK610 Cloverfield Lane650,000 Fb
01 Apr 2016US710 Cloverfield Lane525,000 Fb
25 Mar 2016UK510 Cloverfield Lane790,000 Fb
25 Mar 2016US610 Cloverfield Lane650,000 Fb
18 Mar 2016US410 Cloverfield Lane945,000 Fb
18 Mar 2016UK210 Cloverfield Lane1,300,000 Fb
11 Mar 2016US210 Cloverfield Lane1,300,000 Fb
18 Dec 2015UK8Love the Coopers415,000 Fb
11 Dec 2015UK5Love the Coopers790,000 Fb
04 Dec 2015UK5Love the Coopers790,000 Fb
20 Nov 2015US6Love the Coopers650,000 Fb
13 Nov 2015US3Love the Coopers1,115,000 Fb
23 Jan 2015UK8The Gambler415,000 Fb
02 Jan 2015US9The Gambler320,000 Fb
26 Dec 2014US7The Gambler525,000 Fb
08 Aug 2014UK10Transformers: Age of Extinction240,000 Fb
01 Aug 2014UK8Transformers: Age of Extinction415,000 Fb
25 Jul 2014US7Transformers: Age of Extinction525,000 Fb
25 Jul 2014UK5Transformers: Age of Extinction790,000 Fb
18 Jul 2014UK3Transformers: Age of Extinction1,115,000 Fb
18 Jul 2014US5Transformers: Age of Extinction790,000 Fb
11 Jul 2014US2Transformers: Age of Extinction1,300,000 Fb
11 Jul 2014UK1Transformers: Age of Extinction1,500,000 Fb
04 Jul 2014US1Transformers: Age of Extinction1,500,000 Fb
27 Jun 2014US1Transformers: Age of Extinction1,500,000 Fb
14 Mar 2014US10The Monuments Men120,000 Fb
07 Mar 2014US6The Monuments Men325,000 Fb
28 Feb 2014UK7The Monuments Men262,500 Fb
28 Feb 2014US5The Monuments Men395,000 Fb
21 Feb 2014US5The Monuments Men395,000 Fb
21 Feb 2014UK4The Monuments Men472,500 Fb
14 Feb 2014US4The Monuments Men472,500 Fb
14 Feb 2014UK2The Monuments Men650,000 Fb
07 Feb 2014US2The Monuments Men650,000 Fb
31 Jan 2014UK9Inside Llewyn Davis160,000 Fb
24 Jan 2014UK6Inside Llewyn Davis325,000 Fb