11,000,000 Fb

Most recent films

  1. A Quiet Place Part II

Past earnings

23/Jul/2021 to 29/Jul/2021640,000 FbUS9
23/Jul/2021 to 29/Jul/2021640,000 FbUK9
16/Jul/2021 to 22/Jul/20211,050,000 FbUS7
16/Jul/2021 to 22/Jul/20211,050,000 FbUK7
09/Jul/2021 to 15/Jul/20211,580,000 FbUS5
09/Jul/2021 to 15/Jul/20211,890,000 FbUK4
02/Jul/2021 to 08/Jul/20211,890,000 FbUS4
02/Jul/2021 to 08/Jul/20211,890,000 FbUK4
25/Jun/2021 to 01/Jul/20212,600,000 FbUS2
25/Jun/2021 to 01/Jul/20211,890,000 FbUK4
18/Jun/2021 to 24/Jun/20212,600,000 FbUS2
18/Jun/2021 to 24/Jun/20211,890,000 FbUK4
11/Jun/2021 to 17/Jun/20213,000,000 FbUS1
11/Jun/2021 to 17/Jun/20213,000,000 FbUK1
04/Jun/2021 to 10/Jun/20212,600,000 FbUS2
04/Jun/2021 to 10/Jun/20213,000,000 FbUK1
28/May/2021 to 03/Jun/20213,000,000 FbUS1