6,000,000 Fb


Most recent films

Shotgun WeddingThink Like a DogLove, SimonTransformers: The Last Knight

Past earnings

20 Apr 2018UK8Love, Simon415,000 Fb
13 Apr 2018UK7Love, Simon525,000 Fb
06 Apr 2018UK4Love, Simon945,000 Fb
30 Mar 2018US9Love, Simon320,000 Fb
23 Mar 2018US7Love, Simon525,000 Fb
16 Mar 2018US5Love, Simon790,000 Fb
14 Jul 2017UK7Transformers: The Last Knight525,000 Fb
14 Jul 2017US9Transformers: The Last Knight320,000 Fb
07 Jul 2017US5Transformers: The Last Knight790,000 Fb
07 Jul 2017UK4Transformers: The Last Knight945,000 Fb
30 Jun 2017US3Transformers: The Last Knight1,115,000 Fb
30 Jun 2017UK3Transformers: The Last Knight1,115,000 Fb
23 Jun 2017US1Transformers: The Last Knight1,500,000 Fb
23 Jun 2017UK1Transformers: The Last Knight1,500,000 Fb