Logan Miller 4,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Escape Room: Tournament of ChampionsShithouseWe Summon the DarknessBeing Frank

Past earnings

06 Aug 2021US9Escape Room: Tournament of Champions640,000 Fb
30 Jul 2021US9Escape Room: Tournament of Champions640,000 Fb
23 Jul 2021US6Escape Room: Tournament of Champions1,300,000 Fb
23 Jul 2021UK7Escape Room: Tournament of Champions1,050,000 Fb
16 Jul 2021US3Escape Room: Tournament of Champions2,230,000 Fb
16 Jul 2021UK6Escape Room: Tournament of Champions1,300,000 Fb
08 Feb 2019UK7Escape Room525,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019UK4Escape Room945,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019US9Escape Room320,000 Fb
25 Jan 2019US9Escape Room320,000 Fb
18 Jan 2019US7Escape Room525,000 Fb
11 Jan 2019US5Escape Room790,000 Fb
04 Jan 2019US2Escape Room1,300,000 Fb