7,000,000 Fb

Most recent films

  1. Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)
  2. Black Christmas
  3. The Parts You Lose
  4. Gemini Man

Past earnings

25/Oct/2019 to 31/Oct/20191,050,000 FbUS7
25/Oct/2019 to 31/Oct/2019480,000 FbUK10
18/Oct/2019 to 24/Oct/20191,580,000 FbUS5
18/Oct/2019 to 24/Oct/20191,300,000 FbUK6
11/Oct/2019 to 17/Oct/20192,230,000 FbUS3
11/Oct/2019 to 17/Oct/20192,230,000 FbUK3
08/Apr/2016 to 14/Apr/2016640,000 FbUS9
08/Apr/2016 to 14/Apr/2016830,000 FbUK8
01/Apr/2016 to 07/Apr/20161,050,000 FbUS7
01/Apr/2016 to 07/Apr/20161,300,000 FbUK6
25/Mar/2016 to 31/Mar/20161,300,000 FbUS6
25/Mar/2016 to 31/Mar/20161,580,000 FbUK5
18/Mar/2016 to 24/Mar/20161,890,000 FbUS4
18/Mar/2016 to 24/Mar/20162,600,000 FbUK2
11/Mar/2016 to 17/Mar/20162,600,000 FbUS2