Olivia Williams 3,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The Trouble with JessicaThe FatherVictoria & AbdulMan Up

Past earnings

25 Jun 2021UK10The Father240,000 Fb
18 Jun 2021UK7The Father525,000 Fb
11 Jun 2021UK6The Father650,000 Fb
19 Mar 2021US10The Father240,000 Fb
12 Mar 2021US8The Father415,000 Fb
05 Jun 2015UK10Man Up240,000 Fb
29 May 2015UK7Man Up525,000 Fb
27 Mar 2015UK7Seventh Son525,000 Fb
13 Feb 2015US7Seventh Son525,000 Fb
06 Feb 2015US4Seventh Son945,000 Fb
09 May 2014UK7Sabotage525,000 Fb
04 Apr 2014US8Sabotage415,000 Fb
28 Mar 2014US7Sabotage262,500 Fb