Pablo Schreiber 4,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The King's DaughterFirst ManSkyscraperDen of Thieves

Past earnings

21 Jan 2022US10The King's Daughter240,000 Fb
02 Nov 2018UK10First Man240,000 Fb
26 Oct 2018US7First Man525,000 Fb
26 Oct 2018UK9First Man320,000 Fb
19 Oct 2018UK7First Man525,000 Fb
19 Oct 2018US5First Man790,000 Fb
12 Oct 2018US3First Man1,115,000 Fb
12 Oct 2018UK4First Man945,000 Fb
03 Aug 2018UK9Skyscraper320,000 Fb
27 Jul 2018US9Skyscraper320,000 Fb
27 Jul 2018UK6Skyscraper650,000 Fb
20 Jul 2018US6Skyscraper650,000 Fb
20 Jul 2018UK3Skyscraper1,115,000 Fb
13 Jul 2018UK2Skyscraper1,300,000 Fb
13 Jul 2018US3Skyscraper1,115,000 Fb
09 Feb 2018US10Den of Thieves240,000 Fb
09 Feb 2018UK7Den of Thieves525,000 Fb
02 Feb 2018UK6Den of Thieves650,000 Fb
02 Feb 2018US8Den of Thieves415,000 Fb
26 Jan 2018US7Den of Thieves525,000 Fb
19 Jan 2018US3Den of Thieves1,115,000 Fb