2,000,000 Fb

Most recent films

  1. Encanto
  2. In the Heights

Past earnings

26/Nov/2021 to 02/Dec/2021750,000 FbUS1
26/Nov/2021 to 02/Dec/2021557,500 FbUK3
19/Nov/2021 to 25/Nov/2021557,500 FbUS3
16/Jul/2021 to 22/Jul/2021320,000 FbUK9
09/Jul/2021 to 15/Jul/2021790,000 FbUK5
09/Jul/2021 to 15/Jul/2021240,000 FbUS10
02/Jul/2021 to 08/Jul/20211,115,000 FbUK3
02/Jul/2021 to 08/Jul/2021240,000 FbUS10
25/Jun/2021 to 01/Jul/20211,115,000 FbUK3
25/Jun/2021 to 01/Jul/2021525,000 FbUS7
18/Jun/2021 to 24/Jun/20211,115,000 FbUK3
18/Jun/2021 to 24/Jun/2021650,000 FbUS6
11/Jun/2021 to 17/Jun/20211,300,000 FbUS2