6,000,000 Fb

Most recent films

  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  2. Gringo

Past earnings

29/Jun/2018 to 05/Jul/2018320,000 FbUS9
29/Jun/2018 to 05/Jul/2018240,000 FbUK10
22/Jun/2018 to 28/Jun/2018650,000 FbUS6
22/Jun/2018 to 28/Jun/2018945,000 FbUK4
15/Jun/2018 to 21/Jun/2018945,000 FbUS4
15/Jun/2018 to 21/Jun/20181,115,000 FbUK3
08/Jun/2018 to 14/Jun/20181,300,000 FbUS2
08/Jun/2018 to 14/Jun/20181,115,000 FbUK3
01/Jun/2018 to 07/Jun/20181,500,000 FbUS1
01/Jun/2018 to 07/Jun/20181,500,000 FbUK1
25/May/2018 to 31/May/20181,500,000 FbUS1
25/May/2018 to 31/May/20181,500,000 FbUK1