Fantasy Film League

Play against friends, family and our global league of film fans

Pick a lineup of actors and directors for your fantasy film

Score whenever they make real films

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How do I play?

Pick actors and directors to create a lineup for your first fantasy film

They cost money so we start you with a balance of 50,000,000 Fb

“Fb” is short for “Fufflebucks”, the official currency of the FFL

How do I score?

Don’t worry, we do all the hard work calculating your score each week

But as you asked… We check the US and UK box office top 10 and if a person in your lineup is in a real film there, we credit your balance

Let’s say Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness…

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

…is at 1 in the US this week…

No. 1

…starring Benedict Cumberbatch…

…who is in your lineup, then we increase your balance by 3,000,000 Fb

The player with the biggest balance at the end of the season wins!

How much will my lineup earn?

People at the top of the box-office earn 3,000,000 Fb and this decreases down the top 10

But only the most important people in a film earn the full amount!

  1. Directors and top billing get 100%
  2. The supporting cast get 50%
  3. Cameos and voice artists get 25%

We use our discretion to decide who is top billing and part of the game is predicting what decision we will make

What determines a person’s cost?

We set a person’s cost based their upcoming films

But we’re fickle, so another part of the game is spotting the bargains – good luck!

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Would you like to know more?

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We also publish a weekly UK box office prediction on our blog

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