Christian Bale 12,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

AmsterdamThor: Love and ThunderFord v FerrariVice

Past earnings

21 Oct 2022US9Amsterdam640,000 Fb
14 Oct 2022UK8Amsterdam830,000 Fb
14 Oct 2022US5Amsterdam1,580,000 Fb
07 Oct 2022US3Amsterdam2,230,000 Fb
07 Oct 2022UK5Amsterdam1,580,000 Fb
02 Sep 2022US8Thor: Love and Thunder415,000 Fb
26 Aug 2022UK8Thor: Love and Thunder415,000 Fb
26 Aug 2022US9Thor: Love and Thunder320,000 Fb
19 Aug 2022UK9Thor: Love and Thunder320,000 Fb
19 Aug 2022US6Thor: Love and Thunder650,000 Fb
12 Aug 2022UK5Thor: Love and Thunder790,000 Fb
12 Aug 2022US4Thor: Love and Thunder945,000 Fb
05 Aug 2022US4Thor: Love and Thunder945,000 Fb
05 Aug 2022UK4Thor: Love and Thunder945,000 Fb
29 Jul 2022US3Thor: Love and Thunder1,115,000 Fb
29 Jul 2022UK3Thor: Love and Thunder1,115,000 Fb
22 Jul 2022US2Thor: Love and Thunder1,300,000 Fb
22 Jul 2022UK2Thor: Love and Thunder1,300,000 Fb
15 Jul 2022UK1Thor: Love and Thunder1,500,000 Fb
15 Jul 2022US1Thor: Love and Thunder1,500,000 Fb
08 Jul 2022UK1Thor: Love and Thunder1,500,000 Fb
08 Jul 2022US1Thor: Love and Thunder1,500,000 Fb
20 Dec 2019US9Ford v Ferrari640,000 Fb
13 Dec 2019UK7Ford v Ferrari1,050,000 Fb
13 Dec 2019US6Ford v Ferrari1,300,000 Fb
06 Dec 2019UK5Ford v Ferrari1,580,000 Fb
06 Dec 2019US3Ford v Ferrari2,230,000 Fb
29 Nov 2019UK6Ford v Ferrari1,300,000 Fb
29 Nov 2019US3Ford v Ferrari2,230,000 Fb
22 Nov 2019UK4Ford v Ferrari1,890,000 Fb
22 Nov 2019US2Ford v Ferrari2,600,000 Fb
15 Nov 2019UK2Ford v Ferrari2,600,000 Fb
15 Nov 2019US1Ford v Ferrari3,000,000 Fb
08 Feb 2019UK8Vice830,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019UK6Vice1,300,000 Fb
25 Jan 2019UK3Vice2,230,000 Fb
11 Jan 2019US10Vice480,000 Fb
04 Jan 2019US7Vice1,050,000 Fb
28 Dec 2018US6Vice1,300,000 Fb
02 Feb 2018US6Hostiles1,300,000 Fb
26 Jan 2018US3Hostiles2,230,000 Fb
05 Jan 2018UK9Hostiles640,000 Fb
28 Apr 2017UK9The Promise320,000 Fb
21 Apr 2017US9The Promise320,000 Fb
05 Feb 2016UK7The Big Short1,050,000 Fb
29 Jan 2016UK6The Big Short1,300,000 Fb
22 Jan 2016UK4The Big Short1,890,000 Fb
22 Jan 2016US10The Big Short480,000 Fb
15 Jan 2016US8The Big Short830,000 Fb
08 Jan 2016US7The Big Short1,050,000 Fb
01 Jan 2016US7The Big Short1,050,000 Fb
25 Dec 2015US6The Big Short1,300,000 Fb
02 Jan 2015UK6Exodus: Gods and Kings1,300,000 Fb
26 Dec 2014UK2Exodus: Gods and Kings2,600,000 Fb
26 Dec 2014US9Exodus: Gods and Kings640,000 Fb
19 Dec 2014US4Exodus: Gods and Kings1,890,000 Fb
12 Dec 2014US1Exodus: Gods and Kings3,000,000 Fb
07 Feb 2014UK9American Hustle320,000 Fb
31 Jan 2014UK8American Hustle415,000 Fb
31 Jan 2014US8American Hustle415,000 Fb
24 Jan 2014US7American Hustle525,000 Fb
24 Jan 2014UK5American Hustle790,000 Fb
17 Jan 2014US6American Hustle650,000 Fb
17 Jan 2014UK3American Hustle1,115,000 Fb
10 Jan 2014US5American Hustle790,000 Fb
10 Jan 2014UK2American Hustle1,300,000 Fb
03 Jan 2014US5American Hustle790,000 Fb
03 Jan 2014UK1American Hustle1,500,000 Fb
27 Dec 2013US4American Hustle945,000 Fb
20 Dec 2013US4American Hustle945,000 Fb
13 Dec 2013US6Out of the Furnace650,000 Fb
06 Dec 2013US3Out of the Furnace1,115,000 Fb